Joni James Aldrich
HOPE - a one-syllable word that will keep you going when all of the more impressive words have failed to sustain you.
Joni James Aldrich

What picture do you have in your mind when you think about the Faces of Cancer?

Katherine, Stage IV Brain Cancer, mother of 8-year-old twins
Ed is a Stage IV Esophageal Cancer survivor.


I am humbled by the bravery that lives in the hearts of cancer patients. How do they find so much courage to wake up every morning and face whatever the day holds?


How about my Gordon at 45 years old, who lost his life to multiple myeloma?


May I always pay homage to those who have lost their battles to this deadly disease—not just my Gordon, but also many others…

Cancer is prominent in our society. It affects all ages and most families.

Faces of Cancer

Embody me with just one small portion of their spirits and courage to endure…

And we should remember those who are on the front lines against this disease every daythose who give of themselves unselfishly and who work long hours to give hope and comfort. 

Help me to view this battle from every angle and viewpoint, so that I can encourage those who live and give on the battlefield day after day…

Pray for a Cure!

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