Joni James Aldrich
HOPE - a one-syllable word that will keep you going when all of the more impressive words have failed to sustain you.
Joni James Aldrich

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I Am Caregiver—Hear Me Roar! Six Vital Solutions for Keeping Caregivers (and their Patients) Healthy and Happy

The Life List: Ten Must-Have Items All Caregivers Must Have in Their Care Kits RIGHT NOW

There’s a Stranger in My Spouse: Six Steps to Save Your Relationship (and Your Sanity) When Brain Illness Invades Your Life

Facing the (Holiday) Music: Six Helpful Tips to Comfort Grieving Hearts This Holiday Season

Making the Cancer Connection: How Networking with a Cancer Survivor Just Might Save Your Life

Making the Cancer Connection: Five Questions to Ask a Cancer Survivor That Just Might Save Your Life

“I Don’t Believe You Just Said That!” Eight Statements to Question in Your Cancer Fight

Taking Care of YOU: Five Ways that Caregivers Can Stay Healthy and Bypass the Pitfalls (Power Naps Included!)

Facing the Battle of Your Life: Eight Key Ways to Fight When You Receive a Cancer Diagnosis

The No-Excuse Zone: Why the Combination of Excuses and Cancer Can Be Deadly

Dear God: Who Me? Thoughts on Answering a Spiritual Call You'd Rather Not Take

The Best Medicine: Why Having a Circle of Friends Is Crucial for Caregivers

New Year, New Hope: Suggestions for Facing the New Year after Losing a Loved One

Facing the Holidays with a Heavy Heart: Five Ways to Show You Care During a Darker Christmas Season

Surviving Valentine’s Day after Your Sweetheart Has Passed Away: Five Tips to Help Comfort Grieving Hearts This February 14th

When Germs Become Killers: Unearthing a Plan to Keep Germs Away from a Cancer Patient

After the Storm: Why Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Is One of Cancer’s Hidden Toll


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