Joni James Aldrich
HOPE - a one-syllable word that will keep you going when all of the more impressive words have failed to sustain you.
Joni James Aldrich


Joni is an experienced speaker whose plain-spoken, straightforward method for delivering this important information never fails to reach her audiences. She would love to share her message with your organization.

Which of her cancer solutions seminars is right for you?

How to W-I-N Against Cancer: Finding the Right Treatment Facility and Oncologist. In this seminar, Aldrich takes audiences through her W-I-N Method, a step-by-step process for researching treatment facilities and doctors. She covers how to use primary sources on the Web, how to successfully Interrogate doctors and other medical staff, and how to create and use a cancer Network to gain important knowledge from those who have experienced cancer firsthand.

Recruiting the Best: How to Pick Your Cancer-Fighting Team and Create a Winning Game Plan.
Building a winning team against cancer is much like building a winning football team. You need a great stadium (treatment facility), a great coach and staff (oncologist and medical staff), a great referee (caregiver), a great game plan (course of treatment), and so forth. In this seminar, Aldrich teaches audiences how to research and recruit each of those elements to build a Super Bowl-caliber cancer-fighting team. She also helps them zero in on how they can use the Web to find their cancer-fighting all-star lineup, complete with special teams—or what she calls a cyberlifeplan, which helps patients and their caregivers navigate their options online, form a core base of knowledge of their type of cancer, and sidestep the information that will lead them down a wrong path.
Recipe for Success: Cancer Treatment 101 and How to Plan Your Cancer Protocol. Treating cancer is an intricate, multi-step process that can involve many treatment options. In this seminar, Aldrich provides a basic introduction to cancer treatment and discusses the building blocks of an effective, goal-driven protocol—which includes your cancer-specific combination of treatments, research, and goal-setting.
Living to Give: What It Takes to Be a Cancer Caregiver. Being a cancer caregiver is one of the most exhausting, yet critical, roles a person can play. In this seminar, Aldrich explains what it takes to be an effective cancer caregiver. She’ll cover everything from how to handle day-to-day issues such as warding off germs and getting your patient to eat to the rollercoaster of emotions you will experience.
Calling for Back-Up: How to Create Your Cancer Village and Define Your Resources. It takes a village to fight cancer effectively. In this seminar, Aldrich explains how to select the family, friends, neighbors, etc., who will make up your cancer village. She’ll also help you define the resources—such as medical and technical facilities, mental and spiritual guidance, and support groups or other organizations—that will help you in the fight against cancer.

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