Joni James Aldrich
HOPE - a one-syllable word that will keep you going when all of the more impressive words have failed to sustain you.
Joni James Aldrich

Joni can partner with your organization
in a variety of ways.

Based on the cancer-fighting guidelines she developed during her husband’s fight against the disease, she’ll create custom prewritten articles for your organization’s publications and websites, come on-site to speak, give information-packed webinars and seminars, and provide one-on-one coaching for your members. Joni also offers bulk discounts to any organization interested in offering her book for sale to its members. (For more information, contact Joni.)

Joni can relay honest and straightforward information about these and other cancer-related topics:

How to Web Your Cyberlifeplan
Researching Your Cancer on the Internet

Cancer Basics
When the “C” Word Invades Your Life

Building a Winning Team Against Cancer
Finding the Right Cancer Treatment Facility

The W-I-N Method
Finding the Right Primary Oncologist

Cancer Treatment 101
General Information to Know Before You Go!

The Unbendable Team
The Patient/Caregiver Bond

Are You Able To Be a Cancer Caregiver?
“The Faint-Hearted Need Not Apply.”

The Cancer Village
A Community of Angels Near and Far Away

If you or your organization would like to partner with Joni, please email her at For more information about scheduling Joni to speak at your organization, please click on this site’s Speaking page.

“I believe that knowledge and strategy are the keys to attacking cancer and waging a more effective war through to remission.”

What Can Joni Do For Your Organization

Learn more about Joni and her books on her other web sites!

The Cancer Lifeline

Grief Beacon

Connecting Through Compassion

Understanding With Compassion

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